Skin care.

The condition of the skin plays a vital role in how you feel about your appearance.  Lasers provide an effective treatment to improve and correct skin problems such as sun damage, hyperpigmentation, vascular lesions, surface scars including acne, as well as wanted hair.  These treatments are safe with minimal pain or downtime.  If you are interested in improving your skin we will be happy to discuss the options available for your specific needs.


Dr. Gauthier offers in office non-surgical injectable treatments to help maintain a fresh natural appearance.  Injectables used correctly can provide a youthful, age appropriate look by softening lines, adding volume and diminishing wrinkles.

His focus is to provide these treatments while avoiding the all too common problem of over correction. Dr. Gauthier, along with his staff will evaluate your needs to guide you in choosing the appropriate treatment for the “best” you.

eyelid surgery.

Also known as upper and lower blepharoplasty.  This is a beneficial surgery for those in their 40’s and 50’s looking to appear less tired and refreshed.  Blepharoplasty combines skin excision with removal of the “puffy” fat around the eyelids.  A low risk  procedure with virtually no pain and minimal recovery time.  This is one of Dr. Gauthier’s favorite procedures.


Facial aesthetics are a specialty of Dr. Gauthier’s.  He spent six years in practice with Dr. Michael Kelly, a regional expert in facial aesthetics for many years.  This experience allowed Dr. Gauthier to develop facial surgery into one of his passions.  Facial aesthetics includes face, neck, eyelid, and nasal cosmetic procedures.  The over-riding principle is to look age appropriate and refreshed, avoiding drastic over corrections.  Consultations will involve direct evaluation by Dr. Gauthier helping choose the best options for you. You will have the opportunity in your consultation to view photos of previous facelift procedures, and you and  Dr. Gauthier will discuss your procedure in detail.


Cellfina is a revolutionary FDA approved treatment intended for long-term improvement in the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks and thigh areas of adult females. It is a minimally invasive single in office treatment with no anesthesia and minimal downtime.


The goal of liposuction is to improve trouble areas of fatty deposits which are resistant to diet and exercise.  It is not intended to be a weight loss procedure.  When used in this fashion, liposuction is extremely successful with high (more…)

breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation remains the most popular procedure in plastic surgery.  Due to a number of recent advances in breast implants, appropriate and thoughtful consideration to choosing the right implant for you is critical.  These new (more…)

breast lift.

Mastopexy is one of the more common breast procedures.  It can be performed alone or in combination with augmentation for rejuvenation of the breast.  Current techniques do include incisions which mean scars on the lower (more…)

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